Area 51 Signs, Aged Digitally | Unnamed Commercial

Area 51 Signs, Aged Digitally | Unnamed Commercial

I redesigned these and made them generic(removed any military affiliation) based on photos of the Area 51 signs at the entrance of Area 51 in Nevada.

Printed onto Vinyl with matte lamination and mounted onto aluminum pieces.

These are designed to be clean, but they also wanted to see how they looked aged to see if they wanted to go to a scenic shop. The rust effects ended up being so good that they kept them as is and had it all done with me without a scenic.

It just so happens that growing up, I was quite obsessed with Area 51 and aliens and the sort, and had actually visited Rachel, NV and specifically those signs, that’s me in that picture. I was kind of the perfect guy for the job. haha

May 2017
Bradley Thodarson